499 Upper East Coast Road


499 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore


Sited along Upper East Coast Road, 499 is an instance of balance achieved in architecture; a conservation of historical character while appealing to the contemporary needs of modern living. Hidden behind the late shophouse front façade reveals to one a transition from old to new manifested within the physical body of the building itself, presented through the retained shophouse front leading to a new three storey volume with a roof terrace. Light pouring in from the large skylight draws one further into the depths of the shophouse towards the central atrium which opens up into a 3 storey space, featuring a triple volume granite wall that concludes with the soft splashing of the water feature. Above this lies a timber bridge linking the old and new volumes on the ground, and a staircase spiralling up to a transitional experience between the two different spaces. This is a fresh translation of the traditional air well, providing ventilation through the operable timber windows of the roof terrace and allowing light to penetrate the inner spaces.

Interiors, Residential